Monday, April 26, 2010

Gratuitous Cute Pictures

Yeah, you guys know what's coming.  My parents won the auction for the Chip Kelly signed football, and it came in the mail today.  So I took the snap, gave it to Wolf on the zone read, and watched him go.

Wolf takes the handoff cleanly and surveys the defense...

Uh-oh, he sees a seam...

He hits the hole like a freight train and trucks the inside linebacker! He bounces it outside!

He's got one man to beat... TOUCHDOWN!!!

But what's this?  He's in the shotgun for the two point conversion!  Back to pass... complete for two points! 

And that makes it Ducks 43, Huskies 3

Thanks again to ATQ for putting on the auction, and thanks to Chip Kelly for the autograph!  This will take a prominent place on the least until one of the boys needs a football and accidentally throws it into someone's backyard where there lives a giant, sports equipment-eating dog.  But I think we've got a few years before that happens.


  1. Wow, I think that's the best football game I've ever experienced. Our nephew is the star player, our team wins, and the game is over in 3 minutes! -Bry

  2. Love the Sandlot reference...